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Copywriting for startups


I make words work using proven rhetorical communications strategies. Clients entrust me with web copy, blog posts, email marketing, direct marketing, sales pages, white papers, print advertising, and more.

Copywriting for startups

content marketing

I develop editorial calendars for businesses, ghostwrite SEO-minded blogs and newsletters, manage Wordpress and social media accounts, and even perform minor design tasks using your branding.

Copywriting for startups

brand consulting

Your story matters: I collaborate with startups and small businesses to help discover your identity and tell your story. Establish, ignite, and inspire your business' growing community.

Every word matters. 


Take a look at some of my favorite projects.


Client: Qordoba

Projects: Data-centric, forward-facing white paper; blog posts; editing; research.

Description: Qordoba needed a strong writer who was able to commit time to creating accessible, well-researched content while the company focused on its rapid growth. I collaborated with their marketing team to research and co-write a data-packed white paper on international shopping cart abandonment. Meanwhile, I also supported content needs by collecting research and crafting articles on international e-commerce.

Client: Lift League

Projects: Web copy, video scripts, email marketing, messaging

Description: Lift League is an app that helps health and wellness professionals communicate more efficiently with their clients. I provided the company with clear, intriguing brand messaging; tight copy that delivered key information up front; and helped roll out an email marketing campaign that resulted in an influx of demo requests. Additionally, I provided insight regarding site layout to ensure content was delivered effectively.

Client: Giving Assistant

Projects: Web copy, microcopy, email marketing, storytelling, user funnels 

Description: Giving Assistant is an online coupon marketplace that allows shoppers to donate their cash back earnings to American non-profit organizations. I've proudly provided Giving Assistant with a number of services that run the gamut from microcopy for user funnels to company success stories. At this point, I consider myself a member of their team and am always excited to hear that my copy and communications know-how has resulted conversions for this awesome company.

Client: Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

Projects: Web copy, email marketing, editorials, print advertising

Description: Not quite a tech startup, but with my background (and passion for) education, this has been a dream partnership. I support Brebeuf Jesuit's marketing efforts by providing insight regarding online content strategy. Moreover, I handle copy and marketing tasks as they arise to ensure continued family and community engagement, as well as to sustain admissions efforts for the upcoming school year.

Client: Vetary Pet Care Credit

Projects: Print advertising, email marketing

Description: Vetary provides accessible pet health care financing when pet owners need it most. For Vetary, I crafted creative copy for brochures and table tents aimed at pet owners in-clinic. Additionally, I wrote white papers with the goal of communicating the product to veterinary clinic owners in a crystal-clear, urgent, and compelling voice. 

Client: GiftStarter

Projects: Blogging, print copy, social media, storytelling

Description: Give bigger, better, more memorable gifts—together. That's what GiftStarter's all about. I worked with GiftStarter to craft compelling brand messaging, and keep their blog loaded with valuable content. Additionally, I adopted the task of maintaining their social streams, and even earning them a few guest posts on other blogs. Finally, I designed a number of print materials, including postcards.

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Freelance writer for hire.


I contribute regularly to a number of publications on a variety of topics. I'm currently a regular contributor to all of Midwest Parenting Publications' magazines, as well as M Magazine, and have been published in the national literary magazine The Broken Plate.



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+ So how much is this gonna be? 

I work hourly and will offer you an estimate based on the amount of time a project should take to complete. My hourly rate is $100/hr.

Projects require a 40% deposit to begin work, with the rest due on delivery of the final product.

In general, you can expect about 4 hours of work per ~500 words—more for research-heavy projects.

Simply copywriting (such as in the case of digital ads, tag lines, or product descriptions) can also require time spent getting to know your audience, and developing high-converting messaging that both reflects your brand, and engages the right people.

+ How soon can you start?

I take on about 2-3 large projects per month. After we've consulted, signed the contract, and you've paid your deposit, expect to wait about 2-4 weeks before I can begin your project. (I will keep you informed every step of the way.)  

In other words, if you need me, get at me ASAP!

+ Okay, but I need you to start right now

I'm happy to expedite work for an additional 25% of the total quoted price.

+ You just delivered the final product, but I need you to make some edits.

No sweat! I make myself openly available to clients for 1 week after product delivery for light edits, on the house. Goal is to be sure you're happy. Heavier edits that come weeks after the final delivery will require an additional fee. 

+ Can I pay by credit card? 

Yep! There's a 3% processing fee, but it's a small price to pay for the speed. Checks in the mail are fine, but they tend to delay start dates. (Boo.) 

+ Will you join my company's Slack channels? 

Yes! Actually, I love that. Please invite me. Collaboration is awesome.

+ Now what? 

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