"Hands down the best copywriter I have worked with. She's an amazing writer, and her copy got us real results. Melissa revamped our email drip campaign and the number of demos scheduled increased immediately. Highly recommend her to anyone who is driving growth and needs results fast." —Iman Abuzeid, Co-Founder & CEO of Lift League

"We love Melissa and her creative abilities, especially her writing.  We brought Melissa onboard to help us share amazing stories of our users and of our team—in a human way.  She did that with flying colors.  Point Melissa towards a goal, and she surely gets it done with smiles and enthusiasm.  Love working with her." —Arry Yu, Co-Founder & CEO of GiftStarter

"Melissa writes for all five of our parenting publications and every month sends in material that is well-researched and on target. She is timely and professional and goes the extra mile to get a project done. I feel very fortunate to have her as one of our regular writers!" – Susan Bryant, Editor at Midwest Parenting Publications

"Melissa is a wonderful creative. The talent she possesses is only surpassed by her warm personality and passion for what she does. She sees what others don't and can bring a fresh take on any new project she takes on.

It's in her writing where she really excels. Melissa crafts words and language with elegance and brings you into the narrative in an engaging way. Her high standard and constant drive to improve will make her an asset to any team." —Phil Chairez, Creative Services Manager at IDEA Public Schools

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