How I work.

I'm an emotional, creative, and analytical writer and editor. In addition to my 5+ years experience professionally working with words, I have a master's degree in creative writing, and I spent two years teaching and researching rhetoric at the university level. I approach every writing and editing task in two distinct ways:

  • Creatively: because being creative is fun! And when there's a story to tell, it's worth being told well.
  • Rhetorically: writing crafted to influence an audience should appeal to ethos (your company or source's credibility,) pathos (how the writing will emotionally impact your audience,) and logos (the hard facts that support your message.)

What I can do for you.

For businesses, all I need to start writing and editing for you is to connect with your brand identity and your audience. As for every other task? A little research goes a long way. After that, we can get started with:

  • blog posts
  • ad copy
  • user handbooks
  • marketing emails
  • influential pitches
  • ghostwriting
  • storytelling
  • social media posts
  • content creation
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • editing
  • all things wordy!

Oh, I dabble in graphic design, too.

You've already hired a pro-designer to create an incredible brand identity for you. Now you have the files, and you need a graphic here and there for your blog, social media, or maybe a postcard or two. I'm more than happy to sweat the small stuff for you. Here are a few things I've created.

What to expect when working with me.

I can begin most projects within 2-3 weeks of our initial consultation. Most consultations are as simple as you answering a short questionnaire about your needs and sending any necessary files my way. Other times we might chat on the phone, Skype, or meet up in person.

From there, I will work to communicate you—your values, your voice. We'll talk about your values and the goals of your project. We'll also talk about your audience: who are they, and what matters to them? What do they want or need? Expect a lot of ongoing collaboration.

How much does it cost?

I work hourly, and am available for one-off projects or ongoing gigs. (I love ongoing work: the longer we spend time getting to know each other, the more readily I can connect with you and your audience.)

Rates are currently set at $90 per hour. (Fees apply when paying via credit card.) Contact me, and let's tell your story.