Let's make something amazing.

This isn't about cheap labor. This is about your bottom line.

It's about value. It's about copy that actually converts. It's about a meaningful ROI.

It's more than just words.

It's a functioning product with the potential to deliver long-term.

Ready? Scroll down for my contact form.


+ So how much is this gonna be? 

Your custom quote comes down to a lot of factors. The following are starting points. Fill me in on your goals and the elements of your project, and we'll go from there. 

  • Articles + Blog Posts + Video Scripts
    • Start at $385
  • Web Content + Editoral/Blog Packages + Email Campaigns
    • Start at $1450
  • Retainer (I'm "on-call" with your company 100% during this time) 
    • Weekly: $2200
    • Monthly: $4900
  • Hourly
    • $140/hr on a very, very occasional basis (please inquire).

Projects require a 40% deposit to begin work, with the rest due on delivery of the final product.

+ How soon can you start?

I take on about 2-3 large projects per month. After we've consulted, signed the contract, and you've paid your deposit, expect to wait about 2-4 weeks before I can begin your project. (I will keep you informed every step of the way.)  

In other words, if you need me, get at me ASAP!

+ Okay, but I need you to start right now

I'm happy to expedite work for an additional 25% of the total quoted price.

+ You just delivered the final product, but I need you to make some edits.

No sweat! I make myself openly available to clients for 1 week after product delivery for light edits, on the house. Goal is to be sure you're happy. Heavier edits that come weeks after the final delivery will require an additional fee. 

+ Can I pay by credit card? 

Yep! There's a 3% processing fee, but it's a small price to pay for the speed. Checks in the mail are fine, but they tend to delay start dates. (Boo.) 

+ Will you join my company's Slack channels? 

Yes! Actually, I love that. Please invite me. Collaboration is awesome.

+ Now what? 

Fill out the contact form! 

Once I have your info, we'll correspond. That'll lead to a phone call, certainly. And then, we can get started. It's pretty simple.


Reach out now to ensure the earliest start date for your project.